Frequently Asked Questions

EXP is the reviewer experience. A new reviewer begin with 0 EXP. An old reviewer can have more than 10-20 EXP. 1 successful order on will give 1 EXP point to the reviewer. (Except boost products which give more EXP).

Of course. Since the beginning of October 2016, Amazon denies reviews in exchange of discounted products (USA only at present). Amazon allows sellers to provide discount codes to increase sales. Amazon allows customers to provide feedbacks on products they like. ONLY exchanges of reviews against free products is prohibited. The testers, in Testzon, are no longer required or encouraged to post comments on Amazon. They are FREE to review or not in order to respect the Amazon policy. is FREE ! You will receive hundred discounted products...

Amazon marketplaces. In few month a lot of famous other marketplaces...

Several possible reasons :

- You have not given the correct url for your Amazon profile. This url should show your Amazon reviewer profile. Your profile displays your latest comments published on Amazon. Keep in mind that sellers want to see your last reviews to know which editor you are (In case you decide to post a review).
- Your profile does not let appear any comments or very short comments ... Try reviewing 10-20 products on Amazon. Sellers want to know your skills. (In case you decide to post a review)
- Your comments are short, no photos, no video ... Expand your comments ! Keep in mind that sellers want to see good reviews (In case you decide to post a review)
- Sellers receive a lot of requests so you are maybe on a waitingg list. Wait or cancel the request.

Keep in mind what sellers want... They offer dozens of products, they spend money, so they want good reviewers.

Some sellers fail to confirm the comments link deposit. An automatic validation will validate your EXP if seller does nothing. (If you decide to review or not...)

Please use the button « wrong code ». The seller will correct it soon.

Most reviewers are "prime", so shipping is free. If you aren't « prime » you need to create an order over 25 euros or you should pay the shipping fees. Same situation for "add-on items"...

Some sellers actually leave small amount to have "verified purchase" reviews. To order you should credit your Amazon account for 10 dollars/euros. Then you can use that credit to order products.

You are 100% free for the content of reviews and for the number of stars. Either you make no review, either you make a bad review… You are FREE to review or not in order to respect the Amazon policy.

Indeed, there is some reasons :

- Your text, pictures, or videos aren’t accepted by Amazon. Try re-posting your review.
- You have reviewed the product before the end of the delivery dates estimated by Amazon. ALWAYS : Wait the delivery + 24 hours. We don't want false comments !
- You have paste the sentence "Free or Discounted Product In Exchange ...". Don't paste this sentence at the end of your review. You are FREE to review or not in order to respect the Amazon policy.
- You have ordered several times the same product from the same location or computer. Amazon probably consider the reviews from the same place as fake. Avoid commenting the same products (Mother, father, daughter accounts are same for Amazon…)