SHINYMOD Nipple Covers, Pasties Self Adhesive Reusable Breast Petals

SHINYMOD Nipple Covers, Pasties Self Adhesive Reusable Breast Petals

1. These covers are made from medical grade silicone gel and are designed for sensitive skin, however, we recommend first-time-use be limited to 4 hours to ensure no adverse reactions. And do not wear over 8 hours for every time use. If you feel any irritation, rash, or discomfort, you should remove these nipple covers immediately.

2. Never use on skin that has rash, sores, skin disorder and sunburn, or if you have any current or family history of skin irritation issues.

3. Not suitable for nursing mom.

4. Keep it away from children.

In pursuit of fashion, we are always willing to try something new. Many friends are troubled by the bras that don't match the dresses on the banquet. If no bras, the curves of the chest are not perfect. Wearing a bra but the bra straps will affect the beauty of the dress, what a embarrassment. Shinymod nipples are made from high-grade silicone, which is closed to human skin in color and feel. It is ideal for your backless, strapless, deep-plunged dress whereas other bras can not have. Shinymod nipple covers bring you amazing fashion and free moment when you wear backless, strapless tops or dress with which a common bra couldn’t work the best. Fashion, trendy, convenient, makes you looks more young and beautiful. Shinymod nipple covers not only reveals the feminine charm, but also makes you feel comfortable, safe.

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