glass tile cutter, CDN 6 commission
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glass tile cutter, CDN 6 commission

Package Includes: you will receive 1pcs glass cutter, 1 pcs engraving pen, 1pcs screwdriver, 1pcs oil dropper, 2pcs replacement blades. Handy and practical cutting set for glass cutting projects.
2 Bonus Blades: Comes with 2 additional blades, 3 blades in total, suitable for glass with thickness from 2mm-20mm, they have the thickness ranges that they can cut marked on the blades(2mm-6mm/6-12mm/12-20mm), convenient for you to chose the proper one.
Metal Ball: The glass cutting pen has a sturdy metal ball on the top that is useful to tap the glass to make it snapped after scoring it.
Ergonomic Design: the glass cutter is made by premium stainless steel. The handle has good grip therefore is able to handle thicker glass without slipping. It can cut mirrors, windows, stained glass, etc
Handy and Convenient: They are perfect size and lightweight, allowing you to take them conveniently. Easy for storage and carrying.

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