embroidery floss bobbins , CDN 6 commission
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embroidery floss bobbins , CDN 6 commission

Quantity and Size: 200 pack of plastic floss bobbins, each single bobbin is 4cm in length and 3.7cm in width/ 1.5 inch in length and 1.4 inch in width.
Material: These bobbins are made of PET panel in high quality which are also eco-friendly, the bobbins possess outstanding features such as wonderful solidity and durability. They can be used with the DMC metal rings or other organizers.
User-friendly Design: As you can see from the pictures, every single bobbin possesses two thread clips to keep the end of the line stuck, you can also mark these with marker pen for easy reference.
Usage: These bobbins can help you organize and untie the remaining lines, easily store needle crafts, prevent them from being entangled, and sort them easily and conveniently.
Applications: Help you to save threads, twisted threads, paper tape, so that you can use it conveniently when various threads are randomly twisted.

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