light up skull mask
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light up skull mask

[Halloween Mask] The mask used in Halloween role-playing, the whole face is covered with fake blood, the face of the devil, wearing at night can give people a creepy feeling. Masks can be used on any occasion, such as parties, rave parties, discos, clubs, birthdays, festivals, and events.
[3 Lighting Modes] The LED light have 3 different modes to change: constant on, slow flashing, fast flashing. Different modes can be changed by the controller's buttons. Let you become the most eye-catching center at the party!
[High Quailty] The LED skull Halloween masks are made of environmentally durable plastic, there is no pungent smell, no harm to the skin, no adverse effects on your health. The LED light gives off a cold light with no temperature, it will not hurting your face.
[Portable] The LED light strip use 4 AA batteries, the battery case is lightweight and has a clip, it can easily fit into your pants pocket or clip on your clothes, let the LED mask light up anywhere!(Batteries are not included in the package)
[Wearing Comfort] The Halloween mask is very malleable that will not squeeze your face, and size is suitable for most people's faces. a Soft Sponge on the forehead, it can improve the wearing comfort and protect your face effectively.

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