Face Paint Makeup Palette
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Face Paint Makeup Palette

A PERFECT FACE COLOR SET: Our face paint set, specially developed for children and adults, contains 15 colorful face and body colors, 2 reusable stencils and 2 professional brushes in one palette. You will be surprised that two of them are the same color - white, which can meet your additional needs. In the meantime, they can be mixed as desired to achieve vivid effects.
PRACTICAL: Good for all occasions and celebrations! Whether school parties, children's parties, festivals, the carnival, carnival, birthday parties, football, theater performances, role-playing or any fictional character of a superhero and great in Halloween! No matter what the occasion, this face paint palette will entertain you and your children.
WIPING IS CHILD-LIGHT: The face and body paint set from is water-based, and therefore the make-up can be removed very easily. Simply wipe away your creation with a damp, lathered washcloth or cleaning cloth.
FOR BODY AND FACE - Our face care set is a safe, professional cosmetic make-up for children and adults with sensitive skin, non-toxic, natural and completely FDA-compliant. So you can wear the makeup all day at a festival or the entire party night without irritating your skin.
EASY TO USE, BRIGHT, POWERFUL COLORS: Our face and body colors are smooth and offer excellent coverage. Add a few drops of water of the desired color to make the surface soft and pasty, then apply it smoothly to the skin with the brush. The colors dry very quickly and can be easily removed with warm soapy water or baby wipes.

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