Eyebrow Tattoo Stickers
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Eyebrow Tattoo Stickers

Real Hair eyebrow stickers 】Made of natural plant dyes, the skin will not feel any discomfort. 4D Eyebrow Tattoo Stickers use unique technology. It fits perfectly with your real eyebrows, which makes it impossible for others to even see that this is not your own eyebrows.
【Many choices】our natural eyebrow stickers have many styles, you can choose the right eyebrow shape according to your makeup without having to spend some extra steps of drawing eyebrows. It only takes a few seconds and can be maintained for several days.
【waterproof】Our eyebrow tattoos are waterproof. You can take them to the beach and swimming pool, it will not affect your wearing in the shower, don’t worry.
【Long lasting】under the correct care, the eyebrow stick can last for about 5 days. During this period, you don't need to make up your eyebrows every day, which saves you a lot of time and provides ideas for people who won't make up eyebrows.
【Easy makeup removal】 - When you need to change the makeup effect, you can use the makeup remover to easily remove the eyebrow stickers and clean it quickly without worrying about pigmentation.

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