Denture Cleanser Tablets
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Denture Cleanser Tablets

Denture Cleaning Tablets used cleansing factor deeply dissolves stains without damaging the brace material. The micro-permeable formula effectively removes 99.9% of oral bacteria.
OUR Braces cleaning tablets Can effectively clean dental plaque, coffee stains, tea stains and other stains, helps keep braces and dentures clean,effectively remove stains, and smile more confidently.
Cleanser Tablets uses a small amount of mint ingredients, which can refresh the breath and keep the spirit all day long. You won’t have a headache because of the smell of food remaining on the braces. You will enjoy a relaxing day.
15 minutes, just 15 minutes, can solve 99.9% of the bacteria and stains on the braces and dentures, you can do whatever you want at the same time, without wasting your time.
Easy to use, you only need to put the effervescent tablet and the holder into the water at about 40 degrees, without stirring, to ensure that the water covers all the braces.

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