Glitter Eyeliner
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Glitter Eyeliner

There are many ways to use the glitter eyeliner pen, which can save more money and time. You can use it as an eyeliner and eyeshadow, or even apply it to face painting, it can produce a variety of beautiful glitter effects. Let you stand out in any occasion.
Very suitable for professional smoky eye makeup, wedding makeup, party makeup or casual makeup. It can be used as a colored eyeliner as well as eye shadow, Before use, you can gather today’s mood and randomly match the colors. which can make the eye makeup more harmonious.
Health and safe ingredients and unique color. Do not fade, Long-lasting, Brighten, waterproof , Easy to Wear, Quickly dry and easy daub dizzy catch, uniform color.
Contains 10 kinds of glitter effects, bringing a truly unique look. Can be maintained for a whole day, long-term maintenance, waterproof, flashing effect.
Easy and fast, color fast, please do not flash immediately after use, please wait 2-3 minutes to dry, can keep all day. easily remove eyeliner with makeup remover, And clean quickly without worrying about pigmentation.

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